Hello, this is Szilvi and Csibi!

Hello, this is Szilvi and Csibi!


Csibi has been working in logistics for a long time, and I work as a language teacher.

We love to travel, and we wanted to try our hand abroad.

The idea came in 2016, and we made it happen in 2019. We moved to the US.

This blog is a kind of experience report. Our friends and acquaintances encouraged the blog since many of them were curious about how we live here and what experiences and influences come to us. And it's also good for us to document everything that happened to us here.

We recommend our posts to travelers to the United States, our friends, and any curious reader.

Very subjectively, based on our own opinions and experiences, we write about all sorts of everyday topics, difficulties, integration experiences, feelings, and valuable things.

If you have any questions or topics you would like to read about, please send us an email to hello@comewithus.blog.

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