Goodbye Charleston

Goodbye Charleston

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We spent a total of two weeks here. Everyday life was hectic, but we tried to use the afternoons and weekends to explore as much of the area as possible.

One crucial topic kept us busy all the time, and that was our still unresolved housing problem. While we were in Charleston, we called the leasing office several times. It was challenging to get information because, as it turned out, the apartment complex was bought by another company. That was problematic because the employees weren't taken over, so they dropped the ball. But the newcomers were not quite up to date yet. So on the morning of the 18th of May 2019, it wasn't clear whether we would be able to move in at all.

We could talk to the new colleagues, who assured us over the phone that everything would be fine, but there was no written proof, which bothered us a bit. Overall, we only received a one-page document that included the cost of moving in. We were surprised that the extra deposit for a month is not one of the things to pay. We could only figure out how to pay. For example, it could have been by check, but we didn't have it then, so they suggested we pay by money order. We didn't even know what it was or how it could be done. It has been said that such a financial service can also be obtained from Walmart, for example. So here in Charleston, we went to Walmart and tried to arrange it. It was quite a long line, and most spent much time at the counter. When our turn finally came, we said we wanted to convert the paycheck to cash. But since we are not citizens and do not have a green card, we needed a passport. Of course, we didn't have it with us, so we returned to the hotel for it and then waited our turn again. At that time, however, it turned out that only an American passport was accepted for cashing the check. Well, we were a bit nervous here. But fortunately, the friendly clerk said that the money order can also be processed by credit card, and there is no need to exchange the check for cash. This solved the problem.

Otherwise, a money order is a secure form of payment guaranteed by a financial institution. It's similar to a personal check, but the payment is made upfront, so the company or person cashing doesn't have to worry about whether the check will bounce.

On the morning of the 18th, we made our way back to Charlotte, hoping our new home would be fine.