How It Started

How it started

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We have been interested in the idea of ​​moving abroad for a long time, but somehow the urge was not strong enough to move on. For this reason, years ago, we also dismissed a chance in Salzburg, Austria, and Bremen, Germany. We basically had everything; we did not live badly.

However, if we travel, we often ask the question: "Can you imagine how it would be to live here?" Among other things, in 2016, when we visited Mexico. We really liked the Yucatán peninsula, but the idea of ​​living there was unrealistic. However, we transited through Atlanta, GA, on the way home, where we're surrounded by a feeling that cannot be explained.

But that's for sure that we actually started to take the idea of ​​moving abroad more seriously. Since we did not like the development of the events at home (politics, negative people, etc.), we have already made concrete thoughts, wherever we want and where not. Considering all aspects essential for us, the US has remained an opportunity. We decided to take a vacation there because we hadn't been to the US previously. A Florida round journey ended in total love. We returned the next year and even married here on the second trip.

We already knew that "it would be good here". Of course, not everything was easy, from dreaming to realizing. One thing was for sure: if it fails at some point, we would only come legally here. Since Csibi works for an international company, we thought it would be logical to apply within the company.

In 2018 he contacted some people, and he got full support from his current boss. Then we waited. In the middle of 2018, something seemed to develop. Still, after many negotiations, we did not even come to the visa in the end.

So this occasion did not succeed, but he was offered a job in New Zealand, and there was another possibility in Hamburg, Germany. New Zealand seemed tempting, but we did not take our eyes off the goal. If we go to New Zealand now, who knows if we ever come to the US. We bow to that result, and we decided to try again in a couple of years.

Then, one night in November, an email came unexpectedly with the question of whether we are still open to a move to the US. Of course, we were open.

Compared to the first (failed) option, two locations were to choose from: Naugatuck, CT, or Charlotte, NC. We did not know much about these places. We have heard that Naugatuck is more of a sleepy small town while Charlotte is southern and a busy place. We did not hesitate and choose Charlotte. Then the events accelerated, and after negotiations, we got the official offer on the 31st of December.

Csibi signed the document at the beginning of January. We decided that we would relocate ourselves if the visa will be okay.