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We also have a more extensive tour planned for Sunday (May 12, 2019). We targeted Savannah, which is right on the South Carolina-Georgia state line.

We looked at programs where you can go on weekends. Unfortunately, some places weren't open, so we chose this city, which is a two-hour drive from Charleston.

Savannah, GA

The city was bustling on that day. It was also challenging to find a parking space. We even had to queue in the parking garage; many cars were waiting. (Parking was $10 per day.)

We stopped near downtown to see a lot on foot. We could have been a bit luckier with the weather as it rained several times, but it wasn't cold, fortunately.

The city is atmospheric, Charleston in a modern version.

The bench scenes from Forrest Gump were filmed in one of the parks. The bank isn't here anymore; it was available during the shooting.

Forrest Gump
Chippewa Square
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump

As a thunderstorm came, we sat in an Irish pub for lunch (Kevin Barry's Irish Pub - meanwhile, this pub had closed its doors forever). The place is on the river bank. We were surprised when a colossal container ship had just arrived on the river bound for the local port. We did not know that such large ships would come here.

There is a World War II memorial across the street.

Around 5 p.m., we drove back to Charleston.

Additional Photos

Map - Savannah, GA