Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta

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Today we just wanted to stroll around the city. The hotel is on the outskirts, so we reached downtown in about half an hour. We looked for a parking place and started walking.

We first looked at the golden dome of the State Capitol. It is the Capitol of the state of Georgia. Imposing building. Its dome glittering in the sunlight is magnificent.

Georgia State Capitol - Atlanta, GA

From here, we went downtown - on foot, of course. It's funny that there are 5x5 lane streets in Atlanta, and we walked almost entirely empty streets in this part of the city. Not a car or pedestrian anywhere. It was actually the university district, and maybe it was so empty because of summer vacation, but we don't know for sure.

Downtown - Atlanta, GA

After crossing the empty streets, we arrived in the heart of downtown, or as it is called here, downtown, where skyscrapers line up. There was already the hustle and bustle here. Baker Street seemed to be a pretty tourist spot with many walking paths. There are many restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs, and at least as many weird guys, and here we saw too many homeless people for the first time. Overall, it was not too comforting to walk through these streets. As we returned to the car, we talked about how we liked Uptown Charlotte better.

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Map - Downtown - Atlanta, GA