Homeless or not?

Homeless or not?

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No matter how comfortable the hotel was, it was obviously very different from our little apartment. But we adapted to the circumstances quite well. We dressed out of our suitcases as routinely (well, not as routinely… There were also more difficult moments 😄).

So we moved in on May 3rd, 2019, and tried to settle down for the next two weeks. We tried to make the room our own, went to eat, then Csibi's cell phone rang.
It was his boss who asked/told him to go for a week or two and then travel to Charleston, SC. Csibi explained to his boss what was happening with us, so I would go too.

Since Charleston can also be reached by car - about 3 hours away from us - nothing stood in the way. Csibi's boss actually helped us with that. They discussed the details and agreed that we would be traveling on Sunday.

Incidentally, we had our wedding anniversary on Saturday, which we celebrated in a nearby restaurant and then wrapped up nicely in the evening, many times now. We checked out on Sunday after breakfast (fortunately, it's not a problem here, despite a two-week booking that you leave the hotel after two days without extra charge).

After checking out, we boarded a bus and made a massive detour to the airport for the rental car.

The airport is very close anyway, but public transport takes you from the outskirts to the city and then another bus to the airport. We picked up the car, returned to the hotel to get our luggage, and drove off.