Traveling to Michigan

Traveling to Michigan

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Hello Detroit! We are coming!

The plane took off relatively early, at 7:30 am (7/31/2022), so we had to be at the airport by 5:30 am. The last time we got home from California at dawn, we were confronted with the difficulty of getting an Uber because there were hardly any.
So we had to think beforehand whether to go by taxi (the taxi is also a similar price) or if it is possible to pre-order the Uber. Also, you need an application to take a taxicab (we've never driven a cab here before, so we don't know how to do it). It turns out that we could also pre-order Uber.
It costs more than usual (now $46, else between $20 and $30). We ordered it at 5 am, but Kevin (the driver) arrived even earlier, so we left the house around 4:50 am.
The airport is nearby (12 minutes), so we arrived very quickly and passed security relatively promptly so that we actually only had to wait from 6:30 am.
We stopped at the bagels for breakfast because there wasn't time at home, and it was still very early. Hardly anything was open yet, Starbucks had just opened, and one bagel shop was open. You had to stay in a queue for both places.

After we had breakfast, we could soon board.
Here we were really surprised. As mentioned in the previous post, we chose a seat next to each other. In fact, about 20 hours before the trip, when we checked in, there were still many empty seats on the plane. Everything was okay with my barcode, but when we scanned Csibi's ticket, it flashed red, and the system said it was the wrong seat. He was in a completely different row. We asked why but the woman couldn't really say anything other than that she didn't know.

The journey took almost 2 hours, but we arrived in 1:15 minutes! We were there very quickly, and I finally met Csibi again! 😄

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport - Detroit's airport, but it's actually close to the city! We took the shuttle bus to the rental cars, where we picked up the car quickly.

I would first like to speak a few words about the state of Michigan.
Michigan is in the northeast of the country. Its area is three times the size of Hungary. Locals often refer to it as "the glove" because of its unique shape. It takes its name from the Native American word Michigan, meaning "big water." It earns its name by boasting 3,200 miles of freshwater shoreline, the longest in the country. It is also home to four of the Great Lakes (Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Lake Erie). These lakes are among the largest freshwater lakes on earth.
Literally, everyone in the state is within 85 miles of one of the Great Lakes.
And as if that wasn't enough, there are another 11,000 (!!!) smaller and larger lakes on the mainland. There are over 120 lighthouses here, more than any other US state.

Michigan is also famous for its industry. Automobile manufacturing made it one of the largest industrial centers in the world. The automotive industry has been driving the economy for over 100 years. Also, in the '60s and '80s, there was an evident decline, which caused enormous unemployment. Still, even today, the industry is the decisive sector.

Enough of the information first; we'll also tell you many exciting things about the federal state and particular places.

Our destination is Traverse City. It is a four-hour drive from the airport, but we had other plans beforehand, which failed. 😄
We already collected a lot of experiences!

We'll continue soon!