NASCAR Hall Of Fame

NASCAR Hall Of Fame
Charlotte, NC

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The NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto(mobile) Racing) is a significant American motorsports association based in Daytona Beach, FL. The history of NASCAR began during Prohibition in the United States (= the nationwide ban on the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcohol). This led to large smuggling rings whose drivers transported alcohol across the USA. For this purpose, the smugglers (known as bootleggers) souped up their cars to escape the police patrol cars.
Therefore, they started tinkering with their cars at home to achieve better performance with them. They also began to hold car races on weekends. It has been working under organized conditions since 1948 and has enjoyed great popularity ever since.

NASCAR Hall Of Fame - Charlotte, NC

In 2017, we visited Daytona Beach, Florida, the home of NASCAR. Here, led by a sudden idea, we also went to the museum and onto the field. Charlotte is NASCAR's second home, and when we moved here, it was apparent we would also visit this museum. We really liked Daytona, so we were excited to see what's here in Charlotte.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is a hall of fame in Charlotte. It honors drivers who have shown exceptional ability in NASCAR races, paramount crew chiefs, and team owners.
Winning cars from past years are displayed in the large hall, and other race cars in chronological order are displayed.
The museum has many interactive parts that make it much more interesting than a simple museum.

NASCAR Hall Of Fame - Charlotte, NC

For example, there is a simulator, you can try a wheel change or play radio and TV shows, and there are also many computer games.

NASCAR Hall Of Fame - Charlotte, NC

You can also visit a workshop equipped with modern tools.
They also present the old and current equipment of the cars, the former winning drivers and their history, goblets, clothes, and countless other things.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is located in the heart of downtown and is easily accessible by car or public transportation (that's how we were). Unlike Daytona, however, the track here is outside the city, in Concord, NC.
We spent about 3-4 hours at the museum, but if we had tried everything, we could have spent much more time here.

NASCAR Hall Of Fame - Charlotte, NC

There is also a buffet at the museum - we were hungry, so we tried it. It was good, but nothing special.

Ticket price: $25 (this is the regular price for adults, but there are different types of tickets. Some include simulators and even a sandwich). That was in 2019; now, it's $27 for adults.
The parking fee is $4 for the first 30 minutes and $2 for each additional half hour.

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