New York Summary

New York Summary

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Traffic and huge crowds aside, New York captured our hearts, and we will definitely be back! In all seasons!

I'm not sure we could/would live here. But I also think you could get used to it, just like with anything else.
It's incredible how many people live here and how many tourists there are. It would probably take us a while to get used to it.
Csibi says that if we lived in Manhattan, it would be fine… 😄

New York, NY

America is very diverse. New York is exceptional in that respect.
There are other big cities, but probably none of them is like this one. We've only been to Manhattan, but we've never seen so many skyscrapers. In Los Angeles, there are many, but not as many.

And the fact that so many different nationalities live here makes the city so diverse that there's really nothing that isn't there.
Nowhere have we seen so many European-style bakeries (something that doesn't exist in Charlotte (and everywhere else we've been), for example). There's a coffee shop on every corner, a million different brand name stores, and malls so big you can get lost in them (to me, they're kind of different than what you're used to). I should add here that we haven't really been to malls in other cities in America. Maybe it's like that everywhere, but here we've been to two places where it seems like one big place, and the stores are almost in one. Not in separate spaces.
So that's weird, too.

New York, NY

And what I would definitely point out is the subway system!!! My goodness, how many subway lines!

Opened on October 27, 1904, the New York City Subway is one of the world's oldest and most extensive public transportation systems (36 subway lines and 472 stations in operation) with stations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

The subway operates around the clock, every day of the year, except during emergencies and disasters. Regarding annual ridership, the New York City subway is the busiest rapid transit system in both the Western Hemisphere and the Western world and the seventh busiest rapid transit system in the world.

Subway Map - New York, NY

It is also one of the longest in the world. It includes a total of 248 miles (399 km) of routes. 40% of the line is above ground. Many lines and stations are served by express and commuter trains. These routes consist of three or four tracks. Typically, the outer two are used by commuter trains, while the inner two are used by express trains.

In short, you either love New York, or you don't. So: I ❤️ NY better said WE ❤️ NY!

💵 Expenses

Category Amount (USD)
Admission (ticket) 96.91
Bus tickets 47.50
Grocery 9.88
Restaurant, Café 223.52
Flight ticket 531.40
Lodging 681.99
Uber 139.75
Total 1730.95