The First Sea Day

The First Sea Day

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The first day is sea day. Our itinerary: Cayman Islands, Cozumel (Mexico), Bimini (Bahamas). So we sailed past Cuba first and headed for the Cayman Islands.
There are not as many dress codes on this ship as there are on Harmony.
And this ship is more of an adult cruise ship, there were far fewer children than on Harmony.
You have to dress smartly every night, but no evening gowns are expected.

So the first night we even dressed up and went to the fancy restaurant.
In our room, we found a note that said to leave at 8:30 PM and sit at table 248.
There was also a minibar and mineral water and some chips, but those were extra. Although we had a beverage package, this was not included in the price. But we didn't mind that so much, it just took up a lot of space.

There was a line in the restaurant, but it passed quickly, and the waiters took everyone to their table.
There are round tables for about 8–10 people and some smaller ones for about four people. Our table was, unfortunately, in the very back, under a staircase; you could see almost nothing. I think that's why we didn't come back.

The Silhouette Dining Room - Celebrity Equinox

There were only two of us at the table, luckily no one else came. There is a waiter, a busboy and someone who takes care of the drinks. There is always a menu of the day to choose from on the menu.
We got some appetizers, then our food came, everything was delicious.
After our meal, we then tried to take a look inside the restaurant because there really wasn't much to see from our table.
It's really an elegant place.

We walked around in the evening, the weather was fine and this was the first time we could see the ship lit up.

Celebrity Equinox


We didn't get up early in the morning; we didn't have to rush anywhere. The ship was going even when we were asleep. 😄

We were not very lucky with the breakfast time; we had to hunt for a seat unfortunately. 😔

We rested during the day. We either stayed in our room, or went to the pool, or explored the rest of the ship.

Celebrity Equinox

In the evening, after dinner, we walked as usual and went to places we had never been before.

Casino - Celebrity Equinox

In the evening, we went to the theater, where there was a performance. Before that, the ship manager introduced the management. We thought we would just stop by, but we got carried away with the show and stayed until the end.

Rebel - Celebrity Equinox

Rebel is a rock band made up of three guys (one Scottish, one Australian and one American (TX)) who met in London in 2010 and have since become the most successful rock vocal harmony band in the world. They performed on X-Factor in the United Kingdom, and in 2016 they were offered their own show in Las Vegas. They have won a number of awards. We didn't know them before, but they put on a great show! We liked it! The atmosphere was good, the guys were cool. Later, we saw them a few more times on the ship, at the pool or in the restaurants. They were chatting with the guests. 🙂
Well, after the party we went to our room because it was late, and we had to get up early the next day.

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