What To Do On A Sea Day?

What To Do On A Sea Day?

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What is a Sea Day? Is it any good? What to do on a ship all day long?

Some hate it because you cannot leave the ship. Some areas might be crowded as everybody is on the ship. Some love it because you can explore the ship and enjoy the amenities.

We love it. We love it because we don't need to rush anywhere, for the change. We can discover the ship, and try out various bars and restaurants. We can enjoy the pool and our balcony too. We can rest after having a busy day or prepare for the coming day, which will be busy.

Eat and drink
There are 200 chefs from around the world, and features a Michelin-starred chef. You can enjoy complimentary dining or select from a variety of specialty restaurants. Our favorite was the Oceanview Café because we loved having various tasters. Our other favorite place to hang out is Café al Bacio, due to the coffee and cake. It's difficult to resist all that delicious food. It takes some willpower, frankly.

Oceanview Café - Celebrity Equinox

Pool and the Solarium
You can soak up the sun while lounging on a comfortable deck chair, take a dip in the refreshing water, or enjoy a delicious drink from the poolside bar. There are usually some activities next to the pool or live music. The Solarium is a pool with a roof and officially an adults-only area.

Solarium - Celebrity Equinox

We don't usually lounge around all day. We like to stay active. That's why it was good for us that we couldn't get off the boat. It was nice to do nothing for a change.

It's challenging to list all the areas and activities… Here is an example of what the ship offers during a sea day. Celebrity Today list the activities that are happening on ship.