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Our journey

8th Feb 2023

New York Summary

Traffic and huge crowds aside, New York captured our hearts, and we will definitely be back…

5th Feb 2023

Goodbye New York

We got up early on this day again. Today’s program had to be changed a bit due to the expected rain…

28th Jan 2023

Walk in New York

Exiting SUMMIT, we found ourselves on an underpass with Grand Central Terminal right next door…

22nd Jan 2023

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Our destination was SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. It takes 22 minutes to get there…

14th Jan 2023

Christmas in New York

The destination was "Christmas"! We go where Christmas is…

8th Jan 2023

Hello New York!

Those of you who follow us on our new Instagram page (@WayOfClouds) will already know that we were recently in New York…